Premera helps you find affordable and convenient prescription options that keep you healthy.

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Premera’s pharmacy network
Premera contracts with national pharmacy chains and many independent and local pharmacies. Using in-network pharmacies allows you to pay the lowest cost for covered medications. Visit our pharmacy finder.

Get your prescriptions by mail with CVS Caremark®
Through the CVS Caremark Mail-Order Pharmacy home delivery, you can sign up for auto-refill and auto-approval so your medications come every 90 days (or up to 100 days for Select Care Drugs). Most of our plans include a $0 copay for a 90-day supply of preferred generic drugs (or up to 100 days for Select Care Drugs). Check the Summary of Benefits to see if this is included in your 2024 plan. The mail-order form can be found here.


Making prescriptions affordable with CVS Health Savings Advisor

The CVS Health Savings Advisor tool helps you to find the most affordable drug options to keep you healthy. After registering for an account with CVS Caremark®, this tool reviews your claims and allows you to see all your prescriptions in one place. Members with an out-of-pocket cost of $15 or more and a savings opportunity of at least $10 are eligible to participate.

These savings are automatically listed on your personalized Drug Savings Opportunity page, along with instructions on how to take action to save.

Print and share your list of generic drug alternatives, which can be found on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB), with your PCP at your annual wellness visit or regularly scheduled checkup.


Over-the-counter (OTC)

Members receive up to a $65 quarterly benefit for over-the-counter health and wellness products available through OTC Health Solutions. This benefit provides you with an easy way to get generic personal care items, bath and safety supplies, hearing aid batteries, and more.

To use this benefit, browse the OTC Health Solutions catalog. Then, place your order over the phone at 888-628-2770, online at or in‑store. To find your nearest OTCHS enabled location, visit

OTC Benefit Per Quarter


Classic (HMO)


Total Health (HMO)


Common drug list terms

Here are some common industry terms that you may come across:

A list of drugs covered by the health plan.

Prior Authorization (PA)

For some covered drugs, you will need to get approval from the plan before you fill your prescriptions. Without approval, your drug may not be covered.

Quantity Limits (QL)
For some covered drugs, the plan may place limits on the amount of the drug provided for each prescription or for a defined period of time.

Step Therapy (ST)

For some covered drugs, the plan may require you to try certain drugs to treat your condition before the plan covers another drug for that condition.

Transition Supply

A temporary supply of your prescription drugs that allows you to transition to a new prescription covered by your drug plan list.